Fun2Market Partners, Meri Gelb and Dana Lanham

Fun2Market partners, Meri Gelb and Dana Lanham have over 50 years of experience between them in the global home, health and happiness categories. With expertise in consumer marketing, product and business development, we help our clients achieve success through a strategic foundation, collaborative style, and can-do attitude. We are curious thinkers who use our objectivity to offer our clients a new way to drive results. We are agile, and adapt with a passion and commitment to all we do.

We calculate your risk with insights and planning, continuous communications and assessment.We have worked in packaged goods, retail, leisure products, tools, healthcare, food, confection, beverages, toys, games, electronics, and outdoor, and with retailers of every type. We understand the consumer and decision maker that makes or influences over 80% of purchase decisions today. This diverse background allows us to think differently and apply new ways to market. Educated and trained in marketing, we love what we do.